Temporary Recruitment Specialists

Temporary recruitment is one of the things Martin Personnel does best. Just ask our clients and candidates how they first heard of us and it’s likely they’ll tell you about either needing to hire temporary staff or find a temporary job.

If you are involved in any sectors that have seasonal or changing requirements for staff, need shift workers and require manual work such as lifting, sorting or driving, chances are your company needs reliable and skilled people for temporary jobs.

We help companies involved in manufacturing, logistics and related fields that entail industrial operations or production. Our clients are able to count on us to solve their recruitment issues while they go about their every-day business, be that print and fulfilment, warehousing, transport, freight or a wide range of other work that involves employing blue collar workers.

Our offices are in the perfect Auckland and Christchurch locations for providing a talented pool of candidates to meet your recruitment needs for multiple locations  – so whether you are based in Manukau, Hamilton, Riccarton, Addington or anywhere else, we have solutions to suit.

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Temporary Recruitment