How we Build Strong Client Relationships


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If you are looking for a recruitment partner that goes above and beyond, you’ll be interested in hearing about the ‘Martin difference’…

  • We put people first – that’s the business we are in. Whether you are a client or a candidate, Chief Executive or Assistant… you will be not be treated like a number. We value you as an individual and are always ready to hear your feedback, take you seriously and if necessary, make things right. We also believe happy candidates equals happy clients
  • Over 30 years of recruitment experience allowing us to perfect our expertise (particularly in the area of temporary recruitment and focus on manufacturing and logistics sectors) and refine our offering. We are committed to improvement
  • Innovations have recently included the introduction of a paperless system called AskMartin, designed for easier management of variable labour requirements at the same time as meeting all your compliance and legal obligations. An online portal allows you to validate our staff on your site, approve hours and share invoices for approval
  • We have a wide range of services we can help you with, from temporary to permanent recruitment and everything in between, including performance management and outsourced recruitment. Just ask

 Come and join us.

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