The easy solution to high temp staff turnover or unreliable temps

…treat them fairly

…treat them fairly. This is the plain and simple answer to every employer’s constant headache of searching for replacement temp staff at the last minute. Better still, to completely take the headache out of it, let Martin Personnel ensure they are being treated fairly on your behalf. The more satisfied and happy temp staff are, the more likely you will retain them.

When candidates become associates with Martin Personnel they become part of our family. Being all about people since 1987, Martin Personnel knows that creating a sense of wellbeing and belonging in a great family means treating people with respect and care. The level of care we provide to our temps is the same as permanent employees; we pay them a fair wage and give them access to all the benefits that you yourself expect and rely on as an employee. These entitlements include paid holiday (including statutory), sick and special leave, ACC levies and Kiwisaver contributions.

Happy people make happy workers

When you engage Martin Personnel to provide temporary staff for your workplace you can count on them showing up and having the right attitude towards work because they feel valued. Choosing temporary staff just based on price does have consequences that will ultimately show up and affect your bottom line in other ways, even though on the surface it looks as if you have lowered your labour costs. 

The cost of constantly having to replace and retrain temp staff or suffer production inefficiencies due to staffing shortages can be extremely detrimental, especially long-term. Not to mention the impact on staff morale and company culture that can seep into all areas of the business as your brand gets a reputation for not treating people well or fairly. This brand toxicity can easily reach consumers and negatively impact revenue. 

Being a ‘responsible’ business is fundamental to sustainability

A key aspect of business sustainability is “implementing and demonstrating ethical and sustainable work practices” and as quoted from the Employment New Zealand website, it is considered to be essential to future proofing a business. As you will see from the page link above, there is growing demand in New Zealand and internationally for businesses to look after the wellbeing of their employees and there is considerable risk to an organisation’s brand if they don’t get this right.

Make a commitment in your business to demonstrate being responsible and sustainable, fair and ethical; to align with your organisations own values. Let Martin Personnel help you take care of your people, regardless of their journey to consistently showing up at your workplace. Make them count, make them matter and you will reap the rewards.

If you would like to solve your staff turnover challenges, be responsible and committed to sustainability, get in touch with Martin Personnel.


Mark Douglas

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