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The game of life

Martin Personnel owner, Mark Douglas, has a wealth of ‘life experience’ he’d like to share…some of it is recruitment related such as how to prepare for an interview, some of it is about more general things he has learnt over the years from a diverse range of jobs undertaken; from shoe making through to growing grapes! So, read on for some (sometimes amusing) musings…

I am an avid golfer of limited ability.

During a recent round I was reflecting on the similarities of events that happen in golf and in life.

I was standing on the first tee, full of the joys of life. I was feeling confident without being cocky. The sun was shining. I was in a group of people I had just met. I was embarking on an adventure into the unknown.

Not unlike the first day at work. You turn up and get introduced to the team. You are confident and the adventure is about to begin.

I hit my tee shot straight down the fairway. It went high, long and straight into the bunker. A great shot with a bad result.

In golf, as in life, you must play the cards you are dealt. I’m confident in my limited ability. I had practiced this shot. I walked up to the ball, took a wedge, and just made sure that I got the ball out of the bunker and back in play. Then walked to it again, aimed, took my stance and knocked it on the green. Took my two putts and walked away with a par to start my round. It was going to be a good day.

At work, things don’t always go as planned. Stuff happens. But you front up and play the cards you’ve got. Keep your chin up. The more you practice the luckier you get. In golf, as in life.



Mark Douglas

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