Make it Right

– how our clients’ factor into this key value

We believe our first value is a key differentiator for Martin Personnel – Make it Right (the ‘M’ in the Martin Personnel MARTIN values matrix).

In our line of business, we deal with people. People that work for Martin Personnel in various roles across Sales, Operations and Finance. We interact with customers whose roles include that same level of differentiation. And then of course we work with our wonderful associates – without whom, we wouldn’t have a business.

The ‘unfortunate’ thing about people is that they are human and have emotions, family, and a whole raft of other things that impact them daily!

We are not dealing with robots or marketing inanimate objects. On any given day things will go wrong. It’s just the nature of our business.

To quote the late great Alan Martin of LV Martin in Wellington “if it’s not right, we’ll put it right. It’s the putting right that counts.” Martin Personnel has been influenced by Alan’s legacy via Verity Martin, who shares the same last name. Verity was the founder of Martin Personnel who employed similar principles to Alan Martin when it came to providing excellent service. Our values have remained unchanged ever since Mark took over the business in 2007 when Verity retired. The MARTIN values have proven to be a great foundation for guiding all areas of our business, whether it be in relation to our staff, clients or associates.

If you deal with Martin Personnel, we guarantee you all the ‘Martin’s’ you meet will share our values. So, when things go wrong, as they inevitably will, lets work together to

Make it Right. This requires good will to be shown by all three parties for a ‘win, win, win’ experience – clients, associates and the company. We are up for that. Are you? Come join us.

Make it Right.


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Mark Douglas

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