Respect for All

Give respect, earn respect

When we set out to find our values, a common theme that came up was one of 'Respect' – or probably more importantly - the lack of it that our candidates and clients have experienced with other recruitment service providers.

We try to ensure that everyone is treated with respect.  This means our clients, our candidates, our fellow work mates and the greater community around us.  Everyone has hopes and aspirations, and as good humans, its our duty to help people achieve theirs.

You can be assured that if you engage with Martin Personnel, we will treat you with respect.  We expect that value to be shared and that you will respect all the members of the wider Martin Personnel family.

We only employ people that have respect for others.

We seek to work with companies that respect their staff and treat them fairly.

American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, identified five levels of human needs, starting with the basic levels of having something to eat, something to drink and somewhere dry to sleep while being safe and secure.  All of us need to have these things before we can progress to meeting our psychological needs which are our friendships, relationships and feelings of esteem by accomplishing things.  Once we achieve these levels we can move to self-actualisation and achieve our full potential.

This human experience is different for all of us and therefore whether you see the boss driving their Mercedes, their finance person driving a sports car, or the pick packer turning up in their car handed down from Uncle Tom, all deserve to be treated with respect.  They are all doing the best they can with what is available to them.

Respect for All.  That’s us at Martin Personnel.  Come join us.




Mark Douglas

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