Make it Right

– how our associates’ factor into this key value

In this article I discuss the ‘M’ value from the Martin Personnel MARTIN values matrix.

M stands for Make it Right. What does that actually mean?

To the Martin Personnel team, it’s the 'putting right' that counts. Things won’t always go right but they can always be put right with the right attitude. Whether the thing that has gone wrong is a result of a Martin Personnel error, client error, or an error by our associates, it needs to be made right.

As a company we are committed to putting things right. We will not run and hide from mistakes. We will front up, address the issue, and resolve it. But this also extends to our clients and you, our associates.

When our clients make errors, we expect you to tell us so that we can address it with them. Likewise, when you make errors, we expect our clients to let us know about it and we will address them with you.

As in sport, its play the ball not the man. Things should not be personal, but we need to be professional. Just address the issues as they arise.

We are here for you and our clients. You should be here for both Martin Personnel and our clients. And our clients should be here for you and Martin Personnel.

It’s a triangular partnership with a rotating shape, meaning that no one party is always at the top of the pyramid. So, in effect it should be a ‘win. win. win’ relationship that’s experienced by all three parties.

Kia Kaha



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Mark Douglas

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