Achievement Requires Commitment

...the second of the MARTIN values

The second of the MARTIN values, ‘Achievement Requires Commitment’ means that you need to make an effort to achieve anything.  This also translates to the wider group – for us to achieve anything we must all make an effort.

Nothing of real value ever came from being given it.  If someone gives us a hundred dollars its just free money and we are just as likely to waste it as to use it for something worthwhile.  But if we earn a hundred dollars then we will have a sense of pride, worth and reward for the effort we made.  We are far more likely to make good use of that hundred dollars than one we are given. Some of the richest people on the planet know this better than most – they got where they are today through hard work and effort, and so they know how important it is to instil the value of commitment in others to help them achieve similar success.

Take Bill and Melinda Gates for example, owners of global giant Microsoft – in interviews you will hear them talk about how they deliberately don’t just give their children anything they want, even though they can afford to do so. They are consciously trying to make their children understand the importance of effort and commitment.

At Martin Personnel we are committed to being successful.  To do so we need to focus on finding clients that are also committed to success. They know that they can only achieve that by finding people to work with them that share that same commitment.  Our business exists to provide them people who are willing to commit to helping them achieve.  By doing this our people will achieve their own goals.

It’s a simple concept really, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t share our commitment.  That’s fine, but we don’t want to work with them.  Nor have them work for us. 

Successful people love the buzz that comes from making an effort and achieving something. At Martin Personnel we are all committed to helping you become that person. 

Come join us.


Mark Douglas

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