Introducing Noy Vathananonh

our new Candidate Resourcer

Noy was no stranger to Martin Personnel when she joined us as our candidate resourcer recently. She first experienced the personal touch of Martin Personnel when she was fresh out of high school. Noy was placed in a temp role which led to permanent work and the recruitment agency left such a positive impression on her that she jumped at the opportunity to take up this role after being in the recruitment industry for several years.

By way of introduction, we had a chat to Noy about what attracted her to Martin Personnel and got to know her a little better. Here’s what she had to say when we asked her a few questions…

What does your role as candidate resource entail?

Everything to do with liaising with candidates and building a pool of talent that our clients can recruit from. I am completely focused on candidates and helping them become associates with Martin Personnel. 

What appealed to you about working for Martin Personnel

Following on from my own positive experience, I wanted to be part of Martin Personnel’s growing success. I really appreciate the level of candidate care and wanted to work for a company that is genuinely values led. I felt that Martin Personnel paved the way for my career as an adult and I’d like to help others have this amazing experience as they build their careers.

Has anything been surprising or different about working for us?

The level of support from my colleagues and the amount of collaboration within the team has been awesome. Being in the recruitment industry for a while I am able to draw direct comparisons to working for other businesses and I can honestly say that it is very rare to see this type of supportive environment where everyone looks after each other.

How do you spend your time during the weekends?

I am quite a creative person and love arts and design. This creativity is often expressed during the weekend through my baking – I enjoy baking and decorating cookies!

We have started publishing a series of articles about building self-esteem and a positive mindset, do you have any related tips for candidates?

Never give up. Temping can be hard and there can be a tendency for candidates to look at the short-term view rather than considering temp roles as steppingstones into their future. You never know whether a role may turn into something more permanent and by keeping an open mind, having conversations with employers and being confident to put yourself forward and ask questions, it puts you in a better position to open up opportunities.

Next time you are in our offices, please say hello to Noy and welcome her to the Martin Personnel family! If you are interested in reading articles about building self-esteem, keep an eye on our blog



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