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Life can be a lonely road when you travel it alone. All of us long for social interaction and to feel part of something bigger and more meaningful than our own lives.

At Martin Personnel we feel that the key to our success is our coherent structured working environment that we have been able to create by bringing individuals together. Individuals Working Together is one of the values that makes up the set of Martin’s Values. Most businesses have something around this value in their mission statement, but it generally is only applied to their immediate staff.

We feel that our community encompasses our clients, our associates and our internal staff. All of us are individuals with individual hopes, dreams and aspirations. We also have demands and expectations placed on us by a whole range of other forces such as our children, sports teams, churches, bosses, staff, charities and many, many others.

We find that if we treat people as unique individuals, we can have respect for their view of life, whatever that encompasses. However, in a work environment we believe that the primary focus must be about achieving an outcome that meets all the individual needs involved in that interaction.

We need to first and foremost meet the needs of our clients by providing them with someone who will do a great job for them – that’s where ability and, perhaps more importantly, attitude are critical considerations. We need to meet the individual needs of our associates by providing them with the type of work they like doing, with people that treat them fairly, and acknowledge them for who they are and the effort that they make. And we make a point internally of being rewarded for encouraging these two parties to come together in a mutually beneficial way, whereby we all have our individual needs met.

Of course, these things don’t always happen and that is where the Make it Right value comes into play. That is the topic of another musing so feel free to read it on a previous post.

In the meantime, if you would like to work together with any of the individuals who hold our MARTIN values feel free to contact us at anytime for a chat.  We would welcome the opportunity to have you join our team.


Mark Douglas

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